What is Superannuation?

Superannuation or ''Super'' is a long term investment designed too accumulate the savings you need for your future retirement. Superannuation arrangemenets are governmenet supported and encouraged.

How Super Works


The superannuation system helps you save money so you can do the things you want in retirement.


Your superannuation money comes from compulsory employer contributions, which is paid into your super fund by your employer. This is known as superannuation guarantee which is compulsory by law to be paid.


Its unlikely that the Government's Age Pension alone will give you the financial independence you deserve in your retirement, then superannuation is the key.




















Growing Your Super

The reality for most of us is the money our employer pays into your super won't meet our living costs in retirement. So for most people, their super will have to supplement the governement pension.


That's why contributing into your super now is very important , so you'll have more money to enjoy life once you stop working.


After Tax Contributions


After tax contributions are personal contributions you make from your take home pay, that is after your income tax is deducted from your salary. It doesn't need to be a lot just a few dollars from each pay now can make a real difference later.


Government Co-Contributions


If your're eligiable, you could also recieve a co-contribution where the governement will match you dollar for dollar to a maximum of $500 for the 2013-14 financial year.


Before Tax Contributions


Before tax contributions, also called concessional contributions, are taxed at 15% and include both salary sacrifice payments and the compulsory super contributions.

Keeping Up With Your Super

Have you kept track of all your super?


If you have ever changed your name, address, job or done any casual, part time work, you may have lost track of some super.


There are a lot of different superannuation funds out there, so keeping track of your money as you move from job to job is extremely important. Any time you change jobs, make sure you take your super with you. Having more than one Superannuation account means you're paying more fees, which means less money in your bank account.

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