What is an investment?


Understanding investments is a basic part of learning how to control your money. An Investment is any type of item that is purchased with the intent of the item returning a profit to the buyer either through generating income on its own or selling the investment.


Main Investment categories are:


  • Cash

  • Property

  • Equities

  • Superannuation


Investing in Cash


Such as term deposit and traditional savings and investments account can provide you with a competitive interest rate for short term investing.



Investing in Property


One of the largest investments many of us make is our own home, and it often forms a foundation for building wealth. Buying an investment property can also help grow your nest egg because it has the potential to generate both ongoing rental income to help cover costs as well as a capital gain in the longer term. To learn more about property click here.



Investing in Equities


Equities refers to investments in shares or stocks such as through broking or managed funds. To learn more about shares click here.



Investing in Superannuation


Superannuation is a tax effective vehicle that you can use to save for your retirement. Your employer generally makes your super contributions and you can increase or accelerate the value by making extra contributions. To find out more about superannuation click here.